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Slovikian Runs for Share Mercy

MYANMAR DIARIES, RUNNING FOR SHARE MERCY – When I was about to visit Myanmar, everybody told me this is not a country for runners! I didn’t believe, and I didn’t give up! Two days ago I left Myanmar, during the 2 weeks I spent in the county, I did run in every place I visited. I collected 84 kilometers and closed again with a half-marathon (time in Yangon almost 2 minutes better than in Bangkok). I added 82.5 KM on bike and finally also swam 6.4 KM in a public pool. IN TOTAL I COLLECTED 173 KM!
FOR WHOM? For the BRAVEST from the brave! Thanks to Kristina Ki I connected to a local NGO Share Mercy, who is trying the impossible in Myanmar. Their fight against intolerance and hate, for democracy but also for the most precious what this country has, its future generations, is very INSPIRATIONAL!
I AM STILL NOT DONE with running for Myanmar and Share Mercy! I extended this project to my time in Vietnam too and I will do my best to make it as much kilometers as possible!
A BIG THANK YOU Share Mercy, concretely Wayan Tin Maung Win, Nini Sharemercy & David Soe, THANKS for what you DID, are DOING and planning TO DO! With you, Myanmar HAS A FUTURE!!!
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