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Finding Education Marketplace Partner and Land

2. Narrative Overview
On 7th and 8th October, SM team paid a visit to Zar Wei Ya Islamic Group, lying in Thingangyun Township; that has an area about seven to eight acres of untouched land. U Aye Cho, MRF advisor linked to us there. Another group of people led by an agriculturist volunteering for Vegetable and Fruit Group of UMFCCI has reached already there and has discussed about the land use. The trustee of the mosque handed down to Coordinating Body participated by U Aye Cho. The first step will begin for the first group. They will clear up three acres of land and if there were an extra land, they will let SM to use it. When SM team observed the land, it will be 7-8 acres of land. But when we checked the land, it was found there would be a security issue because it the past, the illegal trespassing cases were found. There is a fish pond and the local were fishing. When we do livestock keeping, it has to tighten the security. We were asked what and how we will implement the land, U Wayan explained to grow the elephant yam, banana, bio-fertilizer making pilot farm, indigenous chicken keeping for poultry on a one acre of land. Even if there we were allowed a half acre of land, it is also alright _ SM talked.
On the same day, SM visited to Hlegu Township to meet Chin Orphanage Centre director; unfortunately on the time we arrived it has been very late and so we slept at the guest house in Hlegu. Only on the next day, 8th October, we reached the centre. We went to observe the land about 10 acres beside Yangon-Naypyidaw Highway Road at 22 mile 4 farlong milestone. It called to sell 15 lakhs per acre. Then, we went back to Htauk Kyant Township to meet Ko Tin Maung Tun that U Aye Cho has linked to us. He showed his relatives land about 3 acres and it is highly cost as it is existed in urban area. The orphanage centre owner also talked about he has another plot of land at Inntagaw Town. We invited him to join our BoD meeting for more discussion, there. U Tin Maung Tun also asked his brother to show the cheap lands but his brother said none will be dealt with the price we discussed. However, the trip we have expanded four groups of network.

3. Objectives
• Finding new SHE network members and BoD candiates for Share Mercy and SM’s running project;
• Finding possible land for SM to make CLAP Education Marketplace;

4. Achievements
* Friendship with UMFCCI’s Vegetable, Fruit Group Volunteer Official to be member in that group;
* An agreement that Orphanage Centre director will assess SM’s situation so that he can give recommendations with Orphanage Groups to get lands and donation from Government and People;
* Friendship with young social entrepreneur to make joint business deal.
* Getting contact of Land Management Committee of Hlegu and they will help the land is a vacant, fallow and virgin land or not and can apply or not.
5. Issues Arises & Coping Mechanism
Driving in muddy linking road to Yangon-Naypyidaw Highway, the vehicle drowned in the muddy and slippery rural road but due to manpower it was released back from there. But on the way, integrated circuit (IC) of the dynamo was broken and it was got check. The repairman said the new integrated circuit has to replace. He said it has no spare IC so he was not able to repair and refer to maintain in Yangon and we will cost about Ks. 20000 plus service charge. But fortunately in the next day we went to Thingangyun repairing shop, the service man said the dynamo and battery is okay.
Along the road side of Yangon-Naypyidaw Highway Road, many lands have been observed that belongs to the Army according to Land Record personnel.
Many land broker are diehard and they have little knowledge about the standing laws and though the person who knows about the law, they do not accept it.
6. Lessons
7. Annex
1) Attached Docs (attendance, recordings, pictures, film clips, certificates)
1. Record Pictures

Figure 2 Htauk Kyant Land

Figure 3 Hlegu Land

Figure 4 Area to Hlegu Land

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