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Orphan Support Programme, Summer Course Activities 2015

Helping Hand Relief and Development Organization has been supporting for (200) children in terms of technical and financial assistance in Dala Township, Myanmar starting 2013 August until today 2015. All the implementation has been taken care by Share Mercy Humanitarian and Development Organization, registered local NGO. Both the organizations designed to support in various perspectives in order for the orphans to have the "Holistic Development".

They include providing health care support for the whole year round, back to school activity in school opening season, health screening, provision of food for two times for a year, four clean knowledge sharing and education talks, World Environmental Day and Plantation of the Trees. Regarding the rights, Convention on the right of the Children (CRC Day), Sport Activities in Winter Season, Art Competitions, Essay Writing Completions as per school calendar, and Summer Course and Life Skills were covered. It means in the whole year, every month there is one or another activity ensuring to meet the basic needs of the orphan families.

Summer Course 2015

In this month being the school closing days falling on the summer time, we organized the Summer Course for the children. It was started from 27 April 2015 to 22 May 2015. Altogether six teachers facilitated (more than 250) students who are both orphans and non-orphans. One week after the training, more students know and attendance becomes more and more. Teachers were trained beforehand the summer course by experienced teacher namely Leilana Quinger, making sure that they are confident with the lesson planning and how they are supposed to prepare and took guidelines for teaching as well as prepared them to be very familiar with the fun games. In addition to Leilana, both Kristina and Thomas also make possible for summer course.

In one session, three teachers facilitated for 35-45 students, in total, teachers could facilitate six sessions for five days in every week. Training venues were in Kamakasit Community Education and Primary School Education, Dala Township.

Curriculum covered, "Number Series", Puzzles, and General Quiz, Animals (Dogs, Tigers, Elephants, Cats, Lion, Shark, Games, Art Classes, Rock Painting, Blow Painting, Thumbprint Art, Human Body, Health, Time, Nature (Earth) and singing songs, games and dancing.

The way, training designed, training looked very enjoyable for the junior learners who most of the time, found time much enjoyable as they are quite the different from their normal school lives.

During the monitoring trips, more than (20) children stated that they like school very much as it was full of fun and happy hours, free from beatings and scolding. More than (10) students were recorded during monitoring trips that they came to school much earlier to the school hours as they like to participate or at least observe the other students were playing (doing classroom activities) in the classrooms. Similarly, teachers, community leaders, as well as the peasants feel that summer course is the best among the activities done for the whole year, as it is much more contributing to their children development and gaining life-skills. All the stakeholders involve in this summer course process were satisfied with the activities they do for the children.

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