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, residing at and , residing at , hereinafter referred to as the "Partners" agree as follows:

1. Type of Business.

The Partners voluntarily associate themselves together as " " For the purpose of conducting the general business of , and any other type of business that may from time to time be agreed on by the Partners.

2. Name of Partnership.

The name of the Partnership shall be This name will be registered, internally by both organizations as the fictitious name of Partnership.

3. Term of Partnership.

The Partnership shall commence on and shall continue until or terminated as provided in this Agreement.

4. Scope of Business.

The principal scope of business of the Partnership shall be at

And any other type of business that may be mutually agreed on by the parties to this agreement.

5. Responsibilities of Partners shall include the following terms and conditions:

(i) Agree to design the humanitarian and development projects in line with Partners' interests and Partners' scope of work;
(ii) Agree to communicate information, reports, updates, intra-organizational changes, updates and improvements and any relevant information that the counterpart should know;
(iii) Agree to pave the chance as well as taking cooperation and consultation while the project is running and designing;
(iv) Agree to prioritize of giving chance for operations of counterpart other than other organizations running the joint project that is relevant to counterpart's business is under operation.
(v) And any other added clauses below by both parties agreement:

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