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Share Mercy, founded in 2010, is a humanitarian and development Myanmar non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs (registry number 1/Internal/0785). The organization is based in Yangon, but has been initiated by humanitarian workers and volunteers in Bogale, the Nargis region. The organization assists its target individuals_ vulnerable children, youths, gender, peasants _ empowerment, in particular, promoting to be active citizens through engagement, capacity building, policy dialogue and advocacy to claim their interests and fundamental rights as well as attitudes and behavioral change bythe cooperation of authorities, partner civil societies, media and private sectors regardless of frontier, time, and circumstances.

Currently, the organization focuses on two main sectors: governance in particular land and natural resources, institutions and education in term of promoting access to education in other words, education for all, and skills _ life, vocational, technical in details (in Yangon and Ayarwaddy). Land and Natural Resources governance programmes focuses on legal and fundamental rights knowledge and awareness raising, promoting community engagement, policy advocacy through studies, research, experiential learning, and dialogue whereas education programme focuses on promoting formal and non-formal education access for vulnerable children and skills development for the youths. For more details, see on the table on the next page.All services are carried out in an effective, qualified, transparent and accountable way.

Concrete examples of Share Mercy’s work include:

• Share Mercy organized the English-based Life Skill Programme (incl. technical skills) for a total of 293 young people (incl. 202 women)
• Share Mercy helped install one tube well and a 2000-gallon capacity water with a filtration system in the 6th Ward, Bogale, for summer water scarcity.
• Share Mercy held six environmental protection seminars and efficient stove making trainings with environmentalists in Bogale and nearby village tracts. Also, 4000 saplings (small plants) had been distributed (directly or through the World Vision for Environmental Protection) in Bogale Township.
• Based on stories of land concession Share Mercy has produced a documentary and a casebook with the same title, “Myanmar Spring and Terrible Land Concessions,” and distributed over a thousand copies to government organizations, parties, INGOs, NGOs, land activists, and affected communities.
• Share Mercy has also created a study report on how the government is resolving land losses of peasants as well as a peasant voices study, “Nineteen Land Governance Workshops Report,” based on the fieldwork in Ayarwaddy.
• Share Mercy has conducted FIVE Learning, Sharing, Networking and Advocacy Events on Land Disputes among MPs, Parties, CSOs, the media, INGOs and NGOs, and affected peasants in Naypyidaw, Yangon (one in and urban area and one in rural one), Pyapon and Pathein.
• Peasant Society Empowerment in terms of individual capacity, institutional capacity, technical capacity and network capacity (NethameinCBO, ButhanotCBO, and HtantapinCSO in Htantapin Township).
• Share Mercy held an intensive paralegal training for the Ayarwaddy Region Land Disputes Investigation Support Group mobilized by peasant unions with the endorsement of the regional government.

Share Mercy has made partnership with the following organizations: HHRD (Helping Hand for Relief and Development), DKA, IFES, Global Witness, UNFPA, MRLG, Myintta Resource Foundation (MRF), Tampadipa Institute, Thalawddy Ice-factory are as our Supporting Partners; FSWG (Food Security Working Group) where Share Mercy plays Secretary role in Steering Committee, LCG (Land Core Group),ALWG (Accountability & Learning Working Group), SEQK and ATDF are as our Strategic Partners, MNN (Myanmar NGO Network), MNGO CPR (Myanmar NGO Contingency Plenary), Lands in Our Hands (LIOH), Namati, GPI are our Collaborative Partners. As the Core Partners which implement our strategy on the ground are 5 CBOs in Yangon, 13CBOs in Ayarwaddy.

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