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Land Consessions
March 2014
English & Myanmar Version

How Government Is Resolving Land Disputes
February 2015
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How Government Is Resolving Land Disputes
February 2015
Myanmar Version

Report 19 Workshops SM-LCG-MRF
August 2014
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August 2015
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Welcome to Share Mercy, feel free to watch this video to find out more

Share Mercy in the Media

Share Mercy Overview

Share Mercy is a registered Myanmar based non-government organization which was started on 4th June 2010 by a group of volunteers in Bogale Township as a response to reach out to families and children that were affected and/or displaced by the cyclone Nargis.

In the last five years, Share Mercy, has delivered fifteen community-based projects in different township leading to provision of emergency food assistance; access to safe drinking water; disaster risk management; provision of temporary shelters; education for orphans and vocational training for income generation and livelihood sustainability.

Share Mercy has implemented all its projects working in close cooperation with local community stakeholders and relevant government departments.

Share Mercy is a member of the Food Security Working Group and Myanmar NGO's Network member.

Below are some key achievements of Share Mercy:

* Education support provided to 200 orphans in Dala.

* Food distribution to 2,520 orphan children in Dala and Rakhine townships in Myanmar and Bangkok.

* English Language training provided to 350 youth in Bogale and Yangon.

* Means of transport (bicycles) provided to 100 children to access their school in Yangon.

* Eye lash making training provided to 50 women. (Which Township?)

* Seeds distribution to 51 farmers as part of emergency response. (Which Township?)

* Environment –friendly stove making training imparted to 60 men and women from 10 villages (Which Township?)

* Climate change awareness raising provided to children in two primary schools resulting in planting of 4000 samplings in Bogale township.

* Legal training on land rights provided to farmers in 26 townships in (Myaung Mya) that led to 8 acres of land being returned.

* Tube well, water tank and filtration system installed in Bogale township that led to provision of safe drinking water for 7,626 people.

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